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Silver Shadow Haze Marijuana Seeds Specifactions

  • Type :Mostly sativa
  • THC Level :15 - 20%
  • Climate :outdoor
  • Yield :400 gr/m2 (indoor)
  • Plant Height :50 - 80 cm (indoor)
  • Flowering Time :9 weeks (indoor)
  • Stoned Type :Sativa high
  • Grow Difficulty :Moderate
  • Harvest Month :mid September
  • Type :Mostly sativa

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Silver Shadow Haze Marijuana Seeds Description

Silver Shadow Haze - White Widow Seeds Announces New and Improved Genetics. From Weedypedia, the free minded encyclopedia Haze is traditionally an atmospheric phenomenon where THC dust, marijauna smoke and other dry marijuana particles obscure the clarity of the sky. The WMO manual of codes includes a classification of horizontal obscuration into categories of fog, ice fog, steam fog, mist, haze, smoke, volcanic ash, dust, sand and snow. 1 Sources for haze particles include marijuana farming ploughing in dry weather, marijuana traffic, marijuan industry, marijuana forest fires and marijuana field fire. Seen from afar e.g. approaching airplane, haze appears brownish, while mist is bluish-grey. Whereas haze formation is a phenomenon of dry air, mist formation is a phenomenon of humid air. However, haze particles may act as condensation nuclei for later mist droplet formation.
Haze is also used to describe the brownish smoke exhaled from a marijuana smoker.