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Caramelicious Marijuana Seeds Specifactions

  • Type :Indica - sativa
  • THC Level :17% - 20%
  • Climate :indoor
  • Yield :450 gram m2
  • Plant Height :40 - 70
  • Flowering Time :8 - 9 weeks
  • Stoned Type :Happy High
  • Grow Difficulty :good for beginners
  • Harvest Month :early september
  • Type :Indica - sativa

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Caramelicious Marijuana Seeds Description

They have succeeded in breeding this Caramelicious strain for more then fifteen years now, and they have perfected it greatly. This indica-sativa cannabis hybrid is mostly chosen for the quality and yield it produces, and not so much for the easiness with which Caramelicious grows. Even-though Caramelicious is not too difficult to cultivate, you do really need the right set-up and the right looking-after.

This Caramelicious strain does not enjoy the outdoors, it will produce far less being cultivated in the outdoors, then it would have done had they grown indoors.

Caramelicious seeds will take about eight weeks to be ready for the harvest.

If you buy these Caramelicious marijuana seeds you will soon see this gorgeous plant stay small enough to be grown in any variety of smaller spaces, in the corner of a room for instance. The Caramelicious buds are full of resin and are very very sticky.

This strain comes up quite high on the scale of cannabis plant yields, unless of course you put them outside, then the yield will be significantly less. Otherwise Caramelicious has a great yield with amazing buds.

Caramelicious tastes very sweet and sugary, almost caramel-like, hence the name Caramelicious. This cannabis plant is sweet and fruity and gives quite a burning sensation down the throat. I would not smoke it through vaporizers, since it can burn your throat as if you were inhaling hot gasses. But put Caramelicious in a joint, and you will soon be flying! Caramelicious has plenty of THC in there, so it's a extremely strong high, very up and trippy. Caramelicious gives a happy high which will make you laugh and giggle a lot.